Arts Programme

At Fuse, the juniors and seniors are encouraged to utilise their creative imagination in a variety of ways. Through the art programme, young people are able to express themselves through a variety of various activities. ​

  • SFX Make Up

  • Drawing workshops

  • Digital Art

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • Photography

  • Creative Writing

  • Hair and Beauty


Music Programme

If the world of music interests people more, Fuse offer a music programme. this is where young people can learn a new musical instrument or even produce their own music video!

  • Band Camp

  • Guitar, drum, bass and keyboard lessons - Every Monday and Thursday.

  • We have a DJ Booth and lighting equipment

  • Music Video Making

  • Digital Music

  • Gig nights - Every 3 months 

Drama Programme

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about the programmes above.

Please contact our Arts Worker, Paul Brady via

We encourage the young people to take part in all aspects of art. There is also drama classes allowing the young people to portray a variety of characters. Recently the young people were involved in working on an important project called, Invisible. Going forward, the young people will be doing regular webcast videos which will includes a variety of performances

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