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What is The Game?

The Game is an online interactive youth work programme that aims to incentivise young people’s participation in fun, productive, educational activities with points and prizes. The Game’s online platforms host videos containing challenges; young people will accrue points by responding to these challenges with evidence of their participation. At the end of The Game the young people with the greatest number of points will receive the grand prizes.

The Game is run as part of a partnership between the following organisations: 

  1. Fuse Youth Café – Client group manly Shettleston and surrounding areas.

  2. The Pavillion (Greater Easterhouse) – Client group are mainly Easterhouse.

  3. Connect Community Trust – Client group mainly Wellhouse (InnerZone), Provnahall (The Connie) and Barlanark (Calvay Centre).

  4. Glasgow Kelvin College Youth Access support a wide range of youth and community projects across the East End of Glasgow. 


Staff and volunteers across all these groups will produce challenges, edit and market The Game.

Who can take part in The Game?

Wee Yins

Any young person that attends a participating club and is in

P1 - P3


Any young person that attends a participating club and is in

P1 - P4


Any young person that attends a participating club and is in

S1 - 18 Years Old


Any young person who does not attend any of the participating clubs and/pr come from outside Glasgow

When is The Game Running?

6th of April 2020 until 30th of June at 5pm

What are the prizes?

1st Place   

£250 Voucher of Choice

2nd Place   

£150 Voucher of Choice

3rd Place   

£75 Voucher of Choice

Spot Prizes

During the game, we will offer ‘bonus levels’ with amazing prizes or bonus points. Be sure to follow all the social media platforms in order to get the best chance of seeing when these bonus levels open up. These will clearly be marked as time sensitive but majority will feature a prize as opposed to bonus points. 

How to take part?

Step 3: Submit your responses to:


Please also follow the Youtube, Facebook and Instagram pages linked above to keep up to date with new announcements, spot prizes and to see when new content goes live so you don't miss out on earning any points!