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We're in the IT Suite setting up our new
A game at chess in the juniors this even
And the winner of this week's pool tourn
Macaroni cheese is on the menu for the s
Our seniors are exploring the outdoors i
Budding landscaper Jordan designed his f
It was Halloween havoc at Fuse yesterday
And the winner is..
After last week's second place finish, C
Jamie takes the pool title again! Congra
We had a new member in the juniors today
Wraps on the menu for the seniors tonigh
The juniors made some awesome Hama beads
We filmed Kacper's presentation on Polan
We had a 'pub quiz' in the senior club t
After an intense final between two forme
Bon appetite! 😋
Our three winners of the Roblox speed ru
Pitta bread pizzas in the juniors today
Making Christmas gift buckets with the s
Aimee did this brilliant drawing of a do
Cooking with Carrie
Jason is the Senior club's pool tourname
Greg takes the Guitar Hero title again,
Kacper christening the new blue baize on
Making paper snowflakes in the seniors t
Greg takes the Guitar Hero title again,
Greg takes the Guitar Hero title again!
Kayleigh giving the staff some violin tu
We're decorating Christmas biscuits in t
Fuse Bomb Disposal - it's getting pretty
It's the last day of the juniors club be
Congratulations to Ben, who won his firs
We jammin' 🎸
The juniors are shredding it in the firs
Jamie lost his Tutti Fruttis today, but
Greg, Jamie, and Coben are this week's G
The junior girls (not David) are off to
The juniors' Just Dance tournament is hi
Mohawks everywhere in the juniors today.
The seniors are delighted with their toa
We're all staying inside today! 😬🌨
We're doing arts and crafts with our new
Our new guitar programme, delivered by v
The seniors are loving the PS2 that was
We’re learning how to plait in the junio
The seniors’ Maltesers crispy cakes were
Juniors playing the PS2 someone was kind
Marcus won the pool trophy todah! #Pool
We made QUICKSAND in the first of our we
Jamie wins this week’s juniors pool tour
HEAPS of Nutella 🥞😋
Happy Pancake Day!
David is the inaugural hair styling cham
The juniors have been writing some great
We made LAVA LAMPS in a science club tod
The seniors’ Oreo and Kinder crispy cake
The snow days are over and Fuse is back!
We’re making cakes in the juniors’ club.
Kian is the pool champion of the week! �
The juniors are sounding great in our we
We’re recording some music in the junior
We’re reading Roald Dahl in our creative
The juniors are rocking some new dos aft
Our pool winner this week! GREG! #Pool #
David won the figures of speech quiz in
This weeks pool tournament winner is Eoi
The juniors made a delicious vegetable c
Discussing what our young people think o
Eoin takes the pool tournament for the s
Eoin won the pool tournament today ofgan
Seniors cutting some potatos frittatas!
Skittle rainbow with science! #HubCapExh
Vegetable chili with cooking! #HubCapExh
Creative writing exhibit with some stori
Hair and beauty exhibit! #HubCapExhibiti
The weather is nice again, so we’re havi
We’re having a great day at Summerlee He
Team games with the juniors!
Filming YouTube videos with the seniors
John’s not letting a broken arm deter hi
Jamie won this weeks pool tournament!
Testing our tennis skills 🎾
Amy did this awesome drawing of Eleven f
Kacper in a hard fought battle wins the
Trip to the park is on the cards! #Parkl
When staff are ambushed by seniors with
Kieran being presented the trophy today
Kieran just beats Chloe for this weeks p
This amazing Stranger Things drawing by
Here we have our winner Jamie being pres
Gracjan and Alicja with their card signe
Kyle won the pool tournament this week!!
Here we have the winners from the last t
Marcus and Greg are shredding Metallica
Omelettes tonight with Kayla, Kai, and J
Nocturnal animals and piranhas! #Amazoni
First trip of the summer! #FuseSummer #A
We have arrived! #Amazonia
Meeting Mel the bearded dragon! #Bearded
Meeting Eva, the royal python! Shes a hu
Meeting Shelly the tortoise! #Tortoise #
Surprise! As part of our tennis finals!
Taylor is this week’s pool champion
Crazy golf and a quick ride before we le
More photos from yesterday!
Photos from yesterdays tennis league!
Great start to the Fuse Active summer pr
Day 2 with a short trip to the park and
Tons of sports and fun being had today i
Eoin wins the trophy today! #Pool #Summe
Awesome poster by ‘Princess Jaydan’ in t
Parham and Josh met in the finals of yes
The seniors are off skiing today! ⛷
The team from Specsavers at the Forge ca
It’s lunchtime at Fuse! We’re making wra
We’ve made some amazing monster biscuits
As part of the @seemescotland campaign f
We’re heading onto the slopes! ⛷
#HOFOP some of today's activities with F
Marcus and Jaydan made some DELICIOUS ba
Today, the juniors visited Shettleston L
Yesterday, the juniors visited Summerlee
David manages to comeback and win the po
Some awesome artwork coming from the jun
Some snapshots into our juniors going to
The seniors are loving all our new music
The juniors had a great time at Shettles
Water colour designs with juniors today!
Due to the club being shut on friday we
David is our jenga champion today!
Greg won the pool tournament this past f
Ben wins the pool tournament this week!!
Jayden and Alexandra acing the #DeleAlli
We’re getting hands-on exploring how com
This week’s pool champ is... Eoin! 🎱🏆.
Happy 18th birthday to our wonderful vol
Lots going on in tonight’s senior club!.
Photos from todays PC building session w
Happy birthday, Michelle! 🎉🎂👏🎊
Alicja and Octivia have made an awesome,
Juniors continuing to dismantle and reas
We’ve got Harry Potter on the TV and the
Kate’s working on her hospitality homewo
Emily’s tower collapsed 😬😂
Some awesome watercolour painting today!
New member, Erin getting involved in dis
An amazing mansion built by Alicja and O
Lots of games on at Fuse today
We’re putting the finish touches on our
Congratulations to Amy, who won her firs
We’re making pizzas with Angie 🍕
Caitlin with her own painting of Agent 3
The seniors are testing out our new VR e
David with splatter art #Fuse #Art  #Mes
All of our future IT specialists being g
We’re all enjoying Alicia’s delicious ga
Congratulations to Chloe, this week’s po
Jordan received a makeover this evening,
Amy has been helping Matthew develop his
Lots going on in today’s P1 to P4 club!
We’re on the slopes with @snowcampcharit
Alicia’s been working on her violin skil
Gracjan brought in his collection of old
The seniors were skiing at Bearsden Ski
Alicia prepared some delicious pasta for
Alicja is a GIANT!

#games #connect4 #yo
We’re doing some philosophy in the junio
Chess with Gracjan is always an intense
We took a chairlift and explored the top
Pyjamas? ✔️
Snacks? ✔️
Christmas movie?
Erin did a great drawing of our youth wo
Octivia and Alicja have disguised themse
It’s the last day of the seniors ski pro
Alicia’s a dab hand at Rapidough!

Ola and our new volunteer Louise are mak
A massive thank you and well done to Ali
Thanks for a delicious Christmas dinner,
🏔 #humanpyramid #games #youthwork #glas
The seniors are cooking pancakes and egg
We had a great junior session today 🎨
Congratulations to Gracjan and Alicja, t
We’re playing some brand new ball games
Happy birthday to our volunteer Kate, wh
We cooked up some delicious quesadillas
Fuse is a sci-fi soundscape today as the
The juniors are doing hair and make-up t
Seniors Scrabble!

#scrabble #glasgow #y
Octivia and Alicja are making pasta! 🍝.
Pancakes! 🥞

#pancakes #pancakeday #coo
Conor is running music tech sessions in
The seniors are loving the VR headset!
Jack and Harmonjot make a great keyboard
It’s another busy session today, but we’
Alicia’s working on her rendition of @ha
Kayleigh made a delicious chicken curry
🌫👨🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳🌫 #cooking #pasta #yout
Mia and Emily made a surprise lunch for
Our young volunteer Caitlin spoke to Cly
Cooking is quickly becoming Alicja and O
“‘Oof’ is a word, right?” #scrabble #she
A huge congratulations to Evan, Fuse’s B
Alicia, singing her heart out in last we
We had an awesome music and songwriting
The juniors had a great time visiting th
The juniors have been rocking the karaok
Hayden, Marcus and our new volunteer Ali
A HUGE thank you to Alicia who so genero
Alicia and Kayla have hijacked the Insta
After the release of the new black hole
Sophie’s drum skills are coming along gr
⚽️ #football #youthwork #shettleston #gl
We had an amazing photography workshop t
Gracjan’s guitar skills are coming along
Alicja did a gymnastics photoshoot with
The seniors found a ladybird last night
More photography with Lisa! #Photography
A HUGE congratulations to Marcus and Dar
Exercise/fitness session with davie!  Ge
Star singer Alicia is working on her fir
Alicia brought the house down last week
Some of the juniors made up certificates
Auditions are underway for the juniors’
Fakeaway thursdays with Sam! Special 4th
Senior Alicia joined Kayleigh for a duet
Auditions for the juniors talent show ar
Throwback to the YouthBeatz festival a c
The Animal Man and his menagerie visited
We made our own versions of Toy Story 4’
Gripped by season 3 fever, Amy did a gre
Not sure where we have ended up but the
The juniors have been developing their e
Jack takes the pool tournament this week
Stuart and Carly are Rubik’s Race master
Ola brought in this amazing piece about
Reece won the pool tournament last frida
Callum wins the pool tournament this wee
Paige brought in her trophies yesterday
Our respective pool winners last week! E
Emily and Mia did an amazing job with th
Robbie is the winner of the pool tournam
Stewart takes the pool tournament this w
Aiden stands triumphant in todays pool t
Jayden takes the top spot in the pool to
Barbod takes the top spot in the final p
There was a big queue around the toastie
Callum is the first winner of  the pool
We’re doing quizzes in the junior sessio
Barbod has been an amazing help in the j
Callum makes it 2 in a row with him taki
Caitlin did an amazing job hand painting
Rylie wins this weeks pool tournament wi
William takes the winners circle today i
We're in the IT Suite setting up our new
A game at chess in the juniors this even
And the winner of this week's pool tourn
Macaroni cheese is on the menu for the s
Our seniors are exploring the outdoors i
Budding landscaper Jordan designed his f
It was Halloween havoc at Fuse yesterday
And the winner is..
After last week's second place finish, C
Jamie takes the pool title again! Congra
We had a new member in the juniors today
Wraps on the menu for the seniors tonigh
The juniors made some awesome Hama beads